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I have been a Realtor for the past 13 years working in the Los Angeles area and now San Diego County. During that time, I have had a chance to work with many different types of escrow officers. The girls at Open Escrow are simply the best! I have used them a couple of times now and they are professional, responsive and kind. Open escrow does everything they can to respond to your needs in the same day. They have treated my clients very well! They have great attitudes, incredible customer service, and good fees! I’m super happy to have found them and I highly recommend them to anyone needing an escrow company!

Darcy B.


Working in title for 17 years or so we’ve dealt with a lot of escrow organizations, and Open Escrow really exemplifies the model of customer service and client care you want in an escrow.  You can’t go wrong with the team at Open Escrow!

Ryan L.

Title Officer

I gave Open Escrow my business because of Ali Romero and her fun Positive attitude. Anisa Bruce did an excellent job with responsive communication an follow though. I would definitely recommend them and will be using their services again.

Greg S.


Being a go-to resource and solution-oriented partner in arms is by far one of the greatest assets in any part of business. The team at Open Escrow have continually exceeded every stringent benchmark I’ve set. I am very upfront on what I want with business partners, and they have delivered and assisted me in maintaining my clients’ expectations of full service and ease of transaction. By heading off potential issues before they arise, communicating efficiently, and picking up the phone or responding after hours when needed, I know I can trust things to go as smoothly as humanly possible. Thank you!

Jessica M.


A short note of to thank you for the assignment of Laurie Taylor and Sue Gillaspie who masterfully administered the handling of my often-difficult file.
Laurie and Sue were superlative Brand Ambassadors for Open Escrow Now.  They were consistently available to me, pleasant to a fault, and especially knowledgeable in their trade.  Their professionalism created an atmosphere of confidence that was a relief at all the important junctures.
I do hope that you will have a moment to share our sincerest gratitude for all that Team Laurie & Sue did to make our dream come true.
Mark W.

Manager, Capital Projects

As a Realtor, Open Escrow is always my first choice. They are competent and capable, always highly attentive to my clients and file needs. I can get an estimated net sheet any time of the day within seconds. They always balance and disburse immediately. They provide top notch service with fees below their competition so I always feel good about recommending them to my clients.

Lauren L.


Everyone at Open escrow is phenomenal to work with and my favourite part of working with open escrow is working with Ali Romero. They are knowledgeable, responsive, cooperative, and most importantly they are capable of handling all kind of challenges that might pop up in escrow. They make sure transactions go smooth and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish a successful closing. I recommend them.

Hammam A.


This is my third time to use Open Escrow and it has been the most stress-free, amazing experience each time. Honestly, over 10 years in real estate and they will be my go-to whenever I have the choice. No hassles,  only pleases and thank yous and no drama. In fact for the most part I forget they are there until I need them. Awesome company!!!

Melissa C.

A Team Dedicated to Excellence!
I’ve been using Open Escrow for several years now, and I can’t begin to convey how committed this team has been to their clients. They treat their clients with absolute devotion, the agents with respect and dignity, and integrate all of the services involved in every aspect of the transaction seamlessly. Every real estate transaction is unique, and with that uniqueness challenges are sure to arise. The Open Escrow team meets every challenge with knowledge & professionalism, and always exceeds expectations. As an agent, I consider the escrow team as an extension of the services I provide, and this absolutely dedicated team at Open Escrow excels in every aspect of providing the highest levels of service to me and my clients. Suffice it to say, the words I type pale in comparison to the actual commitment and service they provide. I highly, completely, and whole-heartedly recommend Open Escrow for all of your escrow needs.

Jay S.


I have worked with Ali Romero at Open Escrow for sometime now. I have used her team for my escrows. They do a great job at keeping the transaction moving and closing the deal. I would definitely recommend them and will be using their services again.

Albert G.